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There Are Four Main Materials For Umbrella Steps

By admin / Date Aug 19,2022

    There are mainly 4 kinds of fabrics for straight umbrellas, and the cost is from low to high: polyester, PG cloth, nylon, and transparent plastic.

    The color of polyester fabric is brighter. After rubbing the umbrella fabric on your hands, the crease is obvious and it is not easy to restore. When the fabric is rubbed, it will feel resistance, and there will be a rustling sound when rubbing. Apply a layer of silver glue on the polyester, which is what we usually call a silver plastic umbrella. The anti-ultraviolet function of the silver tape is better, but after a long time of use, the silver glue in the folded place is easy to detach. Coating a layer of silver powder on polyester is what we usually call a pearl cloth umbrella. The color of pearl cloth is more bright and popular with ladies, but the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays from the sun is not ideal.
    Nylon cloth is also a high-end umbrella fabric. This kind of rain cloth is bright in color and feels like silk on the hand. It is rubbed back and forth by hand with little resistance. However, this kind of cloth has a weakness, which is greatly affected by the air humidity, and the umbrella cloth shrinks more seriously, and sometimes even affects the normal opening and closing of the umbrella surface. Therefore, in our commonly used umbrella fabrics, there are not many.