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How To Choose An Umbrella Suitable For Going Out

By admin / Date Aug 26,2022

    Umbrellas can be roughly divided into three categories in terms of usage. As the name suggests, manual umbrellas are umbrellas that need to be manually opened and closed by themselves and are more common in long-handled umbrellas. Semi-automatic umbrellas, umbrellas that open automatically and close manually. These umbrellas are more common in long-handled umbrellas, and there are also two-fold umbrellas or three-fold umbrellas. Fully automatic umbrella, opening, and closing are automatic, more common in three-fold umbrellas.

    Traveling, in order to facilitate carrying, generally do not consider long-handled umbrellas, we will not consider natural manual umbrellas, we suggest that you choose a fully automatic or semi-automatic umbrella is more convenient, although the umbrella is small, it can not only shade or block Rain is naturally one of the essential items for travel.

    Studies have shown that light-colored umbrellas can indeed insulate heat, but the sunscreen effect is almost non-existent. On the contrary, dark-colored umbrellas, although very heat-absorbing, have the best sunscreen ability.

    The darker the color of the umbrella, the better the anti-ultraviolet effect. The ultraviolet transmittance of black umbrellas is 5%; the ultraviolet transmittance of navy blue, red, dark green and purple umbrellas is 5%-10%; the ultraviolet transmittance of green, light red, light green, and white umbrellas is 15% -20%. Therefore, the UV protection performance of the dark umbrella surface is better.