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Poly Pongee Fabric Is Not Just For Umbrella Cloth

By admin / Date Oct 28,2022

    Chun Yafang, English name poly pongee, commonly known as rainproof cloth can also be called "coated nylon spinning", it is a raw material made of polyester with low elasticity.

    Pongee is an old breed that has been around for a long time. The semi-elastic spring sub-spinning adopts polyester FDY60D/24F as raw material, and the weft is DTY100D/36F; the warp and weft density is 386*280 pieces/10cm, commonly known as 170T. It can be used as accessories for many garments, such as suits and suits, and as an inner lining. And it can have diversity in dyeing and finishing and can be adjusted according to the popularity of clothing.

    Full elastic spring sub-fabric can be listed as functional fabric, which can be used for rain cloth, umbrellas, down jackets, sunshades, and so on. It has many specifications and varieties and is a very popular spring Asian fabric. The pongee cloth is flat and smooth, light in texture, firm, and wear-resistant, with good elasticity and gloss, non-shrinking, easy to wash, quick-drying, and good hand feeling. Polyester has a relatively rough texture and poor elasticity. Umbrella cloth 190Tpongee is thicker than 190T polyester, with higher density and heavier weight.