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Materials Used In The Main Construction Of Golf Umbrellas

By admin / Date Oct 21,2022

    The most common golf umbrellas are straight-handed golf umbrellas, straight-handed automatic golf umbrellas, and two-fold self-opening golf umbrellas. Because the umbrellas are large, they are often more for a ride. The more and more humanized design has solved this problem better. The common practice is to make the umbrella surface into a double layer, the top of the lower layer of umbrella surface is hollow, and then the upper layer is covered with the lower one. On the top of the first layer, it is larger than the ventilation hole and just covers it. The upper and lower layers are sewn with a small amount of needle and thread. During normal use, the rainwater cannot enter the umbrella.

    The handles of golf umbrellas are currently commonly used EVA straight handles, plastic handles, plastic sprayed rubber paint handles, wooden handles, plastic-clad iron handles, titanium-plated iron handles, etc. In the early years, golf umbrellas basically used iron grooves, or even double grooves, which were too bulky. The popular golf umbrella ribs are mainly fiber bones, which are light in weight and not easy to break. There are also mixed methods of short iron groove bones and long fiber bones. The fabrics of golf umbrellas are mostly made of medium and high-grade umbrella special fabrics, mainly including 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG fabric. Using such fabrics, the umbrella surface is often flat, and the water droplets will quickly fall off after raining.