By admin / Date Jul 15,2022

We are an umbrella manufacturer, here is a brief introduction to you.

  As early as 4000 years ago, my country has invented the umbrella. "Historical Records" records that the earliest umbrella was called "Gai". The original text is: "Qin, the prime minister of the five husbands, does not sit and ride, and does not open the cover during the summer." The word "Gai" in it refers to the umbrella, which is used for summer escape of. There are also such as: "Confucius will go, the rain will not cover." Here is the umbrella. "The Source of Umbrellas" mentioned that the umbrellas in ancient times were mostly made of silk and silk. After the invention of paper, paper umbrellas appeared. In the Song Dynasty, they were called green oil paper umbrellas. Later, it was not only used to keep out the rain, but also used to shade. Moreover, the size of the umbrella can also indicate status.

  Umbrella is an indispensable item in life, which is used to shelter from wind, rain and sun protection. In terms of structure, umbrellas can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The opening and closing of manual umbrellas need to be done manually. Semi-automatic umbrellas can be opened automatically, and closed manually. The opening and closing of the fully automatic umbrella can be done automatically. Among them, the semi-automatic umbrella is the most common one

  We have many types of umbrellas, such as the kids umbrella. Welcome to our website!