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We are an golf umbrellas manufacturers, here is a brief introduction to the cultural meaning of umbrellas.

  A small umbrella is not just an ordinary rain gear, but also interprets the true meaning of "love" in umbrella culture - family love, tender love, life love, market love, and natural love. .....

  Under the scorching sun and in the drizzle, the mother, standing with an umbrella, was waiting for her child to leave school. This umbrella is soaked with the mother's trickle love for the child, and the mother's ardent hope is revealed in her eyes. The ensemble of love and hope creates an umbrella of maternal love.

  Umbrellas in the city are tossing and turning like that popular song. Silk umbrellas, paper umbrellas, butter umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, folding umbrellas, flower umbrellas with charming patterns, lattice umbrellas, UV protection umbrellas, paper umbrellas... These umbrellas are constantly being refurbished. , is no longer an ordinary rain gear, it is a symbol of beauty, making people younger and more beautiful, and a love for life.

  There is an aura of watercolor painting: a clear stream between green hills, a slender girl holding a simple and elegant flower silk umbrella and pavilions wading through the stream, the pure, simple, bright and elegant style is all at once. Flowing into the viewer's heart, the umbrella turns gently, and the plucked heartstrings also play beautiful and classical music, which is the rhythm of the umbrella song... Not only I like this kind of picture, but I also like it. Many people also like it. This is the love of simplicity and nature revealed by the umbrella.

  Among the ancient Chinese myths and stories, the love story "The Legend of the White Snake" with umbrella as a medium is the first among them. Xu Xian's scholar-like oil-paper umbrella propped up the space above Bai Niangzi's head, so as to interpret a love story that has been passed down through the ages. Xu Xian has no money, no rights and no family property, and Bai Niangzi values ​​his oiled paper. The warmth and love inside the umbrella is the true love of umbrella culture.

  I've seen the seaside bathing beach from the TV screen: a pair of men and women in point-style clothes lie or sit under a huge sun umbrella, the sun through the sun umbrella carefully paints their skin in healthy and provocative colors , At this time, the umbrella only filters sunlight instead of props. The warm, open and unrestrained hugs and kisses embellish the beach together with the umbrella, embellishing another umbrella culture. There is a song that sings: With a lover's flower umbrella, the blue sky and white clouds are sunny... At first it was very incomprehensible: with an umbrella, the sky is so sunny, and the world of umbrellas will have the answer after seeing more: the umbrella support of the lover It was, of course, that the sky was bright and clear.

  Walking on the street, the silhouettes of shooting stars lingering or striding, and the carefully crafted advertising slogans on the umbrellas of red, yellow and blue flowers are also moving forward: "The feast of Confucius is mellow and crispy", "Yipin Huangshan is high in the sky and the clouds are light". , "The green card accompanies you to travel the world... This flowing scenery is no worse than the TV screen, and the tenderness is like water, so that passersby can easily write down the product, the producer, and the many benefits of the product, so the umbrella pushes Economic development, this is Umbrella's "market love".


  According to legend: Umbrella can also predict people's luck. If the umbrella falls on the ground, don't pick it up yourself, or bad luck will come. If you open your umbrella on a sunny day, that means you're bringing rain. Don't open an umbrella in the house, and don't put an umbrella on the bed.

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  In England, umbrellas were only used in the 18th century. The Bainas umbrella was once a special product for women, expressing a woman's attitude towards love. Putting up the umbrella means to be unswerving in love; holding the opened umbrella in the left hand means "I have no free time". Shaking the umbrella slowly indicates lack of confidence or distrust; leaning the umbrella against your right shoulder indicates that you don't want to see you again.

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