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How effective is the sun protection effect of pongee umbrella?

By admin / Date Jun 01,2023
Pongee fabric is commonly used in the manufacturing of umbrellas and offers some level of sun protection. However, the effectiveness of the sun protection provided by a pongee umbrella depends on several factors:
Fabric Density: The density of the pongee fabric can impact its ability to block harmful UV rays. A higher fabric density generally indicates better sun protection. Look for umbrellas with a high thread count or tight weave to ensure better UV protection.
UPF Rating: The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating measures the effectiveness of a fabric in blocking UV radiation. Pongee umbrellas may have a UPF rating indicated by a number. A higher UPF rating signifies better sun protection. Look for umbrellas with a UPF rating of 30 or higher for adequate sun protection.
Color: The color of the pongee fabric can affect its sun protection capability. Darker colors tend to absorb more UV radiation, offering better sun protection compared to lighter colors. Black, navy, or dark-colored pongee umbrellas may provide stronger sun protection than lighter-colored options.
Coverage and Size: The size and coverage area of the pongee umbrella also play a role in its effectiveness. A larger umbrella with a wider canopy will provide more shade and protect a larger area of your body from direct sunlight. Consider using a pongee umbrella with a sufficient size to shield yourself from the sun.
While pongee fabric can offer some sun protection, it's important to note that no fabric can completely block all UV rays. It's still advisable to take additional sun protection measures such as wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, especially during peak sun hours. Seek shade whenever possible, as well.