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How Can You Choose Your Umbrella

By admin / Date Jan 14,2023

The making material of straight umbrella has usually included the cloth of tool ductility, and others can be used as the material of skeleton and twine. PG cloth can prevent rain and ultraviolet rays. In addition to the use of matte silk raw materials and innovation in weaving technology, it also extends the post-dyeing and finishing process. Its density increases, the hand feels softer, and its functions are expanded. The most common varieties are semi-stretch pongee, full-stretch pongee, extinction pongee, and so on.

In addition, when you choose, you should also pay attention to these:

1. Pay attention to the weight and size of the umbrella. The lighter and more compact umbrella is naturally the better.

2. Choose an automatic umbrella. If you go out with bags or other things in your hand, an automatic umbrella brings you a lot of conveniences.

3. Look at the size of the umbrella after it is opened. The diameter of the folded umbrella is 58 cm. However, when you need to go out with your baby, you can consider buying an umbrella with a diameter of more than 60 cm.

4. Look at the fabric of the umbrella. Generally speaking, the umbrella surface is made of cotton, silk, nylon, viscose, and other fabrics, which have a poor anti-ultraviolet effect, while the polyester umbrella surface umbrella has a better sunshade effect. The shade of the umbrella surface will not affect the resistance to ultraviolet rays.