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About The Types And Choices Of Umbrellas

By admin / Date Jan 07,2023

The five-fold umbrella is usually less than 20cm. The advantage is that it is light and portable. It can be packed in a girl's small bag, and it is very convenient for commuting on the street. Usually, it is rainy or sunny, and it is enough to go out with an umbrella. But the disadvantage is that the umbrella surface is usually small, and it can only protect the upper body in heavy rain. And the wind resistance is poor, so it must not be counted on a stormy day.

The three-fold umbrella has the characteristics of both portability and eye-catching rain and is also more durable than the five-fold umbrella. It can be said to be the most common umbrella.

The biggest advantage of straight-handle umbrellas is that they are sturdy and durable, and they usually have a larger umbrella surface, which is very suitable for stormy weather. However, compared with folding umbrellas, they lack portability, so they are generally used less frequently.

The reverse folding umbrella does not get wet Compared with ordinary umbrellas after the umbrella is closed, the rainy side is closed in reverse, not exposed, not wet, not wet car.

When it comes to umbrellas, the most basic thing is the ability to prevent rain.

Some umbrella fabrics are not dense enough, and water mist can be clearly felt under the umbrella during heavy rain; although some umbrella fabrics are very waterproof, the seams and umbrella caps have serious water seepage. When encountering heavy rain, rain protection performance is particularly important.

Transmittance corresponding to UPF value

The national standard "Assessment of UV Protection of Textiles" stipulates that only when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is greater than 30 and the UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called an anti-ultraviolet product.

UPF30: UV filter rate 95%; UPF40: UV filter rate 98%; UPF50: UV filter rate 99.8%.

For things that never leave your body, you should consider the weight of the umbrella and it's carrying details according to your actual situation.