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Introduction To The Variety Of Umbrellas

By admin / Date Aug 05,2022

    Since the birth of umbrellas, after years of development, many varieties have been derived, which can serve different places and different groups of people.

    Sun umbrella

    It is mainly used as an umbrella to prevent direct sunlight and block the rain. Umbrellas can block about 70% of UV rays, but cannot block reflected UV rays. If there is no umbrella with anti-ultraviolet coating, ordinary sun umbrellas can also be used. The defense effect of black umbrellas is relatively good, followed by pink and goose yellow, while red has almost no anti-ultraviolet function.

    Sunny umbrella

    A sunny umbrella can be used on both sunny and rainy days. A sunny umbrella = sunshade + umbrella. The sunshade effect is slightly weaker and the sunscreen effect is average.

    Golf umbrella

    The biggest feature of this umbrella is its large size, good quality and beautiful appearance. It is often seen in golf clubs and racing venues. In recent years, it has been used for high-end occasions and gifts.

    Tent umbrella

    The common quadrangular tent umbrella is supported by a strong steel bracket and covered with an umbrella cloth on the top.

    Beach umbrella

    Evolved from the garden umbrella, it is easy to move and easy to disassemble. The umbrella cloth is made of the best polyester fabric for sunshade. Widely used on various beaches.

    Children umbrella

    Specially designed and made for children. According to age, it is divided into big children's umbrellas (6-9 years old), middle children's umbrellas (5-7 years old), and children's umbrellas (mainly used for playing).

    Fishing umbrella

    Remodeled from a combination of beach umbrellas and English tents. Install the plug to fix it on the ground, install various elbows with windproof inserts and air vents, etc., easy to carry, strong and durable.