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Introduction To The Properties Of Pongee Fabrics For Umbrella Fabrics

By admin / Date Feb 03,2023

In the umbrella market, the fabrics of parasols are more diversified, mainly including satin cloth, silver tape, pearl tape, T/C cloth, yarn-dyed cloth, fat and thin silk, and other fabrics. Generally speaking, the price of sun umbrellas with UV protective coating umbrella surfaces will be higher, such as the price of sun umbrellas with pearl tape umbrella surfaces and silver tape umbrella surfaces will be more than 100 yuan.

PG cloth is also called touch weaving cloth and pongee, which can be used as accessories for many garments, such as suits and suits, and as an inner lining. Moreover, it can have diversity in dyeing and finishing and can be adjusted according to the popularity of clothing. It has many specifications and varieties.

It can be listed as a functional fabric and can be used for rain clothes, umbrellas, down jackets, parasols, etc. Strictly speaking, matting pongee also belongs to the full elastic pongee series. Mainly used for children's clothing, jackets, etc.

The fabric has good alkali and heat resistance, can be washed with various detergents, and can be hand-washed and machine-washed, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching. White clothes can be washed at high temperatures with a strong alkaline detergent to bleach them.

In the use of umbrellas, most of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the sun umbrella and irradiate the skin, and the ground and water will also reflect ultraviolet rays, so even if you use a sun umbrella, you must use sunscreen.