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Characteristics Of Two-Fold Umbrellas And Three-Fold Umbrellas

By admin / Date Dec 02,2022

    The two-fold umbrella combines the windproof function of the long-handled umbrella and is more portable than the long-handled umbrella. Many manufacturers have developed two-fold umbrellas as high-end parasols or rain-proof umbrellas. The disadvantage of the two-fold umbrella is that when the umbrella is in use, the umbrella ribs must be broken off one by one and put away; compared with the three-fold umbrella, it is longer and inconvenient to carry.

    After the invention of the three-fold umbrella, it has been widely loved by people. The three-fold umbrella has both professional European-style sunshade umbrellas and small dual-purpose umbrellas for rain and sunshine. It is the mainstream style in the market. It is characterized by easy folding. Popular pencil umbrellas, pen umbrellas, and ultralight umbrellas are thinner and lighter. The disadvantage of the three-fold umbrella is that it is much inferior to the long-handled or two-fold umbrella against heavy wind and rain. Two-fold umbrellas are basically European-style umbrellas, which are characterized by high-grade luxury and various styles. Generally, they can only be used for sunshades and not for rain, and they are larger after folding.