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Are There Specific Features to Look For in a Kids' Umbrella?

By admin / Date Jun 28,2023
A good kids umbrella is one that keeps them dry while also offering them a way to express themselves. Umbrellas adorned with dinosaurs, rainbows, and even their favorite cartoon characters help kids feel like they're using their own personal piece of gear and will encourage them to use it. It's also important to find an umbrella that is specially made for children, such as rounded, poke-proof ends and a closing mechanism that doesn't pinch little fingers.

This cute umbrella offers kids an extra level of protection with its domed design and is sized just right for their hands. It's available in a variety of animal prints, from frogs and pandas to Mickey Mouse, so they can choose whichever design suits them. Plus, a plastic handle that's sized for their hands and a Velcro strap to keep it closed when it's not in use are added features.

This colorful umbrella is a great choice for any girl who loves unicorns. The cute, 3D unicorns and rainbow dots add a fun pop of color to any dreary day and the curved handle is a perfect fit for their hands. Plus, the rim of the umbrella changes color as it gets wet, making it a fun accessory for puddle jumping and rainy pictures. It's also a sturdy umbrella with welded seams and a crease-proof canopy that will hold up to regular use.