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Are There Different Types of Kids' Umbrellas Available?

By admin / Date Jul 28,2023
The most common umbrellas for children are crafted with kid-friendly prints that appeal to their unique interest. Some of these are as simple as shoelaces, pet prints, or specific cartoon personalities; others feature eye-catching outer designs that help to capture their attention. Kids umbrellas are also often designed with smaller shafts and handles to better suit toddlers as well as to make it easier for them to lug around the umbrella on their own, opening and closing it as necessary.

For kids who love princesses or unicorns, there's a cute umbrella that features a variety of enchanted creatures that will definitely be the highlight of any rainy day outing. Another fun option is an adorable bug umbrella featuring bright colors and a J-shaped handle that is easy for kids to grip. It also has rounded safety tips on the prongs to protect their fingers and hands as they twirl around with their umbrella.

Another fun option is a clear bubble umbrella that allows them to see where they're going. This one by totes is especially good at keeping the rain off their heads, and has a transparent dome that also makes it easier for them to navigate through crowds of people.

For boys, there's a superhero-themed umbrella that will give them the power they need to battle their bad weather. Then there's a 3D space-themed umbrella that will take their imagination to new heights—literally. Whether they're imagining themselves as spaceships taking off or fighting aliens, this will surely turn heads at the school bus stop.