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About Those Compositional Structures Of Umbrellas

By admin / Date Sep 16,2022

    Nylon cloth is also a straight umbrella fabric. This kind of rain cloth is bright in color and feels like silk on the hand. It is rubbed back and forth by hand with little resistance. However, this kind of cloth has a weakness, which is greatly affected by the air humidity, and the umbrella cloth shrinks more seriously, and sometimes even affects the normal opening and closing of the umbrella surface. Therefore, in our commonly used umbrella fabrics, there are not many. Transparent umbrellas that have become popular in recent years, the umbrella surface is made of POE or PVC plastic, and some have various patterns and colors.

    The umbrella surface is formed in the structure of the umbrella. The umbrella spring is a more important part of the umbrella hardware. The characteristics of the spring make the umbrella more mechanical. More solid and practical performance. Common umbrella springs include middle rod support springs, Z-shaped positioning springs, umbrella frame pressure springs, automatic opening and closing tension springs, and so on.